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July 2012In late July Martin joined a few other South African expatriates (and one Scot) for a climb of the Cathedral Traverse in the Teton Range, WY. This involved going up Teewinot (12,324’, or about 5,600’ above the valley floor), then continuing up and over Peak 11,840, the East Prong (12,050’) , Mt. Owen (12,928’) and finally the N Ridge (5.7) of the Grand Teton (13,770’) and down the other side. Actually we had originally hoped to do the entire Grand Traverse, which would have meant continuing up and over the Middle and South Tetons, then the Ice Cream Cone, Gilkey Tower, Spalding Peak, Cloudveil Dome and last but not least Nez Perce. But we weren’t moving fast enough to that in the time that we’d planned. (All the good pictures are courtesy of Gordon Laurens.)