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August 2013The Grand Traverse is a link-up of a dozen or so of the highest peaks in the Tetons. I tried it in July 2012 with Kevin Smith and some other friends, but we only got half-way before running out of time. In August 2013 Kevin and I came back to try again, this time with a supporting crew of visiting South Africans – George Mallory (whose home is now Melbourne), Charles “Snort” Edelstein, and Willem le Roux (who brought our average age below 50). We were lucky to have perfect weather, a rarity in the Tetons, and the whole traverse went smoothly. The only minor mishap was that George discovered at the last minute that his boots were falling apart, so he had to borrow a pair from Charles that were a size too small. And our celebratory flask of Laphroiag wasn’t big enough – after six or so summit tipples it was all gone. Thanks to George and Kevin for some of these photos.