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Team photo at Quilcayhuanca base camp.  From left to right: Dave, Tony, Greg, Derek, someone who wouldn't take his hat off but whom we think is Steve, Norm, Martin, Alejandro the guardian and sometime cook, Harry, and Peter and the camcorder.
Derek, Harry and Tony en route to Maparaju, with Kayesh in the background.
Sunset over Pucaranra as seen from high-level camp on San Juan
Greg on the north-west ridge of San Juan, one of the peaks we didn't get up (poor weather, snow too deep, seracs too scary, etc. - we're very good at excuses).
Martin at the Hostal Quintana in Huaraz.  If you look carefully you can see that the little finger of his right hand is heavily bandaged.  Therein lies a tale.
Harry en route to Tocllaraju, with Ranrapalca in the background.
Harry, Derek and Martin on top of Maparaju.
Greg at Quilcayhuanca base camp.  In the background is Pallcaraju peeking out on the left, Pucaranra in the middle and Chinchey on the right,.
Derek, Harry and Tony descending from Maparaju.  In the background is the east side of San Juan.
Martin and Steve (identifiable by the day-glo yellow Koflach boots) on top of Tocllaraju.
Advanced base camp on Pucaranra, another peak we didn't get up.  On the skyline is San Juan.  Norm has his back to the camera, and further off are Tony and Peter.  Greg is also in the photo - there's a prize for spotting him.
The northern Cordillera Blanca at dawn, seen from high up on Tocllaraju.
Steve, Greg, Tony, Norm, Derek and Dave on  the rooftop patio at Edward's Inn in Huaraz.  In the distance are the massifs of Huascaran and Copa.