In late July Rick and Martin hiked in to the Indian Peaks Wilderness to attempt Lone Eagle Peak. Here's Rick next to one of the waterfalls in Cascade Creek.

Our campsite at Crater Lake, with Lone Eagle Peak in the background. From this angle the peak looks very steep, but there's an easy way up the either side.

Crater Lake early in the morning.

Rick hiking up to Lone Eagle Peak.

Unfortunately the afternoon thunderstorms rolled in early, and this was the closest we got the summit of Lone Eagle (not really a summit at all, but the end-point of a ridge)

We sheltered under a boulder while rain and hail poured down (exactly the same place where we'd had to shelter a year earlier).

By late afternoon the sky cleared and we had another fine view of Lone Eagle Peak. We'll be back for another attempt next year...

Also in late July, Martin hiked up Mt. Elbert (14,433 ft.), the highest point in Colorado.
This is a panoramic view from the top.

In early August our friend Andrew Stoddart (now living in the UK) came to visit, and we spent a day in Rocky Mountain National Park. Here are Andrew, Fran and Alex next to Bear Lake.

Andrew, Martin and Alex (making a face), with Longs Peak in the background.

Alex next to Dream Lake, with Hallet's Peak in the background.

Andrew and Alex next to Lake Haiyaha.

In mid-August Martin took part in the Pikes Peak Ascent, a race to the 14,110 ft. summit of (where else?) Pikes Peak. The course gains almost 8,000 ft. in 13 miles, so it's more of a speed hike than a run.

In early September Martin took Rick up the East Face of the First Flatiron, the rightmost of the rock formations in this picture.

Rick high up on the First Flatiron.

Rick and another climber on the summit of the First Flatiron, with the town of Boulder far below.

We gave Alex a disposable camera and here are some of the photos she took with it. This the new furniture in our living room.

Alex's picture of Fran...

...and of Martin