The Shark's Tooth is a peak in Rocky Mountain National Park, about an hour's drive north of Boulder.
It takes 5 miles of hiking and half-a-dozen rope-lengths of moderate climbing (up to 5.6 or so) to get to the top.
Here are some pictures from when Rick and I did the climb in July 2006.

This is where we camped the night before the climb.  The Shark's Tooth is the obvious pinnacle in the background.

Rick hiking up a snowfield on the approach to the climb.

Higher up on the snowfield.

Rick at one of the belays, about half-way up the climb.

Rick climbing up to the summit.  We got there just as thunderclouds were starting to roll over.

Rick on the summit.  The peak  in the backgound is Taylor Peak.

Rick on the first rappel.  It takes three rappels to get back to the groups.

The Petit Grepon, another popular climbing destination, as seen from the base of Shark's Tooth.  Maybe an objective for 2007?