After Martin's mom passed away in December 2006 he travelled to South Africa
to spend a week with his family.  Here are some pictures from that trip.

The Groot Winterhoek wilderness area

Ismo Heikinheimo outside the house at Veepos, Groot Winterhoek wilderness area

 At Groot Winterhoek: Simon (leaping into the frame), Hannah, Olive, Joachim, Martin, Bram and Ismo

A King Protea (protea cynaroides)

A chameleon sunning itself of a rock

Erica blossoms at Groot Winterhoek

Olive and Joachim swimming in the Groot Kliphuis river

A family of cave-dwellers at Groot Winterhoek

Another view of the Groot Winterhoek wilderness area

Bram outside the Oude Kerk, Tulbagh

Olive, Joachim, Bram and Hannah walking down Chruch Street, Tulbagh

Olive at the Paddagang restuarant, Tulbagh

Bram and his friend the tortoise at the Kogelberg nature reserve

Ismo and Simon eating breakfast at the Kogelberg nature reserve

Joachim, Bram, Martin, Olive, Hannah, Ismo and Simon after a swim in the Palmiet river

The south-easter blowing over the mountains near Gordon's Bay

At La Petite Ferme, Franschhoek: David, Martin, Bram, Olive, Joachim, Hannah, Ismo and  Simon