January 28 - February 6, 2006

In January 2006 Martin's mom Christine turned 80 and there was a big family gathering in Johannesburg
to celebrate the event.  Martin travelled to South Africa to be there and here are some of his photos from that trip.

Olive Schönfeldt snapped her fingers, waved her magic wand and cast a spell over the celebrations.

Hannah le Roux and Helen Ludlow.  This and the next few photos were taken on January 29 at Kirsten Buchmann's house in Johannesburg.

Robie Welch (
turned away from the camera), June Dahle, Mom and Anna Ludlow

Frieda Hough, Martin's dad David le Roux, Margaret Rodseth (turned away from the camera), David Kinghorn, Heather Shipley and "Boet"

Richard [...] and Kirsten Buchmann.

Paul and Anina Hough.

Heather and David Shipley.

Mom dressed up for the occasion.

The four Brueckner sisters:  Anna Ludlow, Mom, Robie Welch and Frieda Hough.

Schönfeldt, Olive and Hannah at a coffee shop in Melville, Johannesburg.

Schönfeldt, Hannah , Mom and  Dad at 44 Stanley Road (converted industrial complex, now shops and restuarnts) in Johannesburg.

The Godfrey family:  Katie, Carole, Robin, Lindsay (Fran's sister) and Nicole at a restaurant in Halfway House, north of Jahannesburg.

Martin, Dad, Mom, Hannah and
Joachim at the Red Chamber, a restaurant in Hyde Park, Johannesburg

Robie Welch, David Kinghorn and Mom at the Red Chamber.

Olive, Hannah and Bram at their home in Melville, Johannesburg.

Josi Frater at the Montebello restuarant, Newlands, Cape Town

Murray and Renée Duggan at their home in Rondebosch, Cape Town

The Meredith family: Jacques, Guy (Fran's brother), Laura and Berna at their home in Bergvliet, Cape Town

Mike Scott climbing the first pitch of Barrier Pinnacle on Barrier Buttress, Table Mountain

Mike on Barrier Pinnacle

climbing on Barrier Pinnacle

Martin on Barrier Pinnacle

The view from the top of Barrier Buttress

Martin abseiling back down Barrier Buttress

Martin with Kim and Jan Hough at a restaurant overlooking the ocean at Mouille Point, Cape Town

Wolfberg in the Cederberg, where Martin spent a couple of days climbing with Paul Setterfield.

climbing Satisfaction Guaranteed, Wolfberg

Martin in one of the Wolfberg "cracks"

climbing Knobless Robot, Wolfberg

Martin on the summit of Wolfberg

Paul climbing Quite Something, Wolfberg

Paul climbing Quite Something, Wolfberg

Mom, Martin and Dad at 96 Winery Road, a restaurant in the winelands  near Somerset West

Mom and Dad at 96 Winery Road

Mom and Martin at 96 Winery Road