Fran and Alex at Independence Pass on the way to Aspen, 12,095 feet above sea level
Fran and Alex (and, if you look carefully, Rick) at Hanging Lake near Glenwood Springs

Alex on the trail down from Hanging Lake

Rick and the town of Glenwood Springs

Fran and the two zombies at Glenwood Canyon

Inside Glenwood Caverns
The most-photographed scene in Colorado South and North Maroon Peak, near Aspen. These are what our street is named after.

Rick and Martin spent a windy night camping at Capitol Lake, near Aspen.

Rick with Capitol Peak behind him. Wed hoped to climb the peak, but there was too much snow to go up without crampons and ice-axes.
Rick on the trail back from Capitol Lake, with Capitol Peak in the distance.
After we got home Rick and Martin went for a hike up South Arapahoe Peak, near Boulder.
North Arapahoe Peak from the summit of South Arapahoe Peak
Looking south-west from the summit of South Arapahoe Peak
Looking down at Arapahoe Glacier. Boulder is reputed to be the only city in the US that owns its own glacier.
The summit marmot on South Arapahoe Peak.