Above: Hallet's Peak and Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

Capitol Peak (14,130') with Mark Ovenson and Warren Teissier in the foreground

Warren Teissier crossing the knife-edge on Capitol Peak

The view from the summit of Capitol Peak. In the top right-hand corner is Snowmass Peak.

Looking down from the summit of Capitol Peak, with Capitol Lake far below.

Notchtop Mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park

Mike Haponiuk below the south face of Notchtop. We did a climb called 'Optimismus' (5.8+), which goes up the black streaks in the middle of the face

Mike Haponiuk high up on Notchtop. After we finished Optimismus we climbed the south-east ridge to the summit.

Martin nearing the summit of Notchtop

McHenry's Peak with a dusting of early season snow, as seen from the Summit Ramp (3rd class) on Arrowhead. It was too cold to climb anything else that day.

Warren Teissier on the summit of Arrowhead

The Twin Owls at Lumpy Ridge, near Estes Park

Martin climbing the East Ridge of the Twin Owls (5.8)

Andrew Richardson approaching the Blitzen Ridge, Mt. Ypsilon, Rocky Mountain National Park, on a fine day in mid-October.

Andrew Richardson and Craig Sovka below the First Ace, one of four towers that form the crux of the Blitzen Ridge. It was pleasant here in the sunshine, but it was very cold and windy on the north sides of the Aces.

Andrew Richardson climbing around the Fourth Ace on the Blitzen Ridge. We were very happy to be back in the sun after almost freezing on the north side of the Third Ace.

Craig, Andrew and Martin at the summit of Mt. Ypsilon.