A Short Visit to

December 3-4, 2005

Hannah was in the US attending an architecture workshop in Champaign, IL, but she didn't have enough time to visit us in Denver,
so instead I met her in Chicago for a weekend.  Here are a few photos (unfortunately I didn't take very many).

Hannah on Wacker Drive, experiencing a taste of North American winter weather.

Undaunted by the weather, we signed up for a two-hour walking tour of historic downtown architecture.  Here we are across the road from the Art Institute.

Hannah at the skating rink at Millennium Park.  I tried to persuade her to try her hand (or feet) at skating but she gracefully declined.

The Blob (actually the "Cloud Gate") at Millenium Park.  When it's finished it'll form an arch that you can walk under, but it's still under construction.

The Frank Gehry concert stage at Millennium Park.

The Crown Fountain.  The face is a constantly-changnig video image.  In summer water sprays from the mouth.

One of the lions outside the Art Institute, decked out for Christmas.

Silly version of the Venus de Milo by Salvador Dali, at the Art Institute.