There are Martin's pictures from a Colorado Mountain Club ski-mountaineering trip to the Indian Peaks
 in May 2007.  There were about a dozen of us and we stayed at the CMC's cabin, a cosy wooden structure
tucked away in the woods near Brainard Lake.

This is me on the hike in to Brainard Lake.  Most of the hike was on a dry road, which is why my skis are on my pack and not on my feet.

Mt. Toll (12,979') on the left and  Paiute Peak (13,088') on the right, as seen from the CMC cabin.

On the trail to Mt. Audubon: Chris Enderle, Keith McGuiness, Craig Lewis and Willy [...].

Jim "Beef Jerky" Davis skinning up Mt. Audubon, with Longs Peak and Mt. Meeker in the background.

Michelle Jung on the summit of Mt. Audubon (13,223').

Looking down from the summit of Audubon to the start of the "Crooked Couloir", our descent route.

Michelle starting down the Crooked Couloir.  It's about 35 degrees at the top but gets steeper part-way down.

Keith on the steep part of the Crooked Couloir.  Mt. Toll in the background.

Another picture of Keith on the Crooked Couloir...

... and another.

All of us at Blue Lake after skiing the Crooked Couloir: Keith,.Craig, Michelle, Jim, Chris and Willy

Michelle (with injured ankle) and Chris after skiing the Crooked Couloir.

Michelle (taking a smoke break) and Chris on the way to Mt. Toll the following morning

Looking back to Mt. Audubon and the Crooked Couloir on the way up to Mt. Toll.

Paiute Peak as seen from the summit of Mt. Toll.  Some of the others in our group went up here that day.

Me on the summit of Mt. Toll, with Navajo Peak and Apache Peak in the background.

Another picture from the summit of Mt. Toll.

Tom Creighton demonstrating telemark technique on the steep upper section of Mt. Toll.

Keith skiing down Mt. Toll.

Back at the base of Mt. Toll: Tom, Craig, Keith, Michelle, Jim and Chris.